We are leading Manufacturers of Rotocone Vacuum Dryers. RCVD batch type of Vacuum Dryers. They are however suitable for only free flowing materials, which are readily converted from slurry or wet cake to free flowing powder without exhibiting sticking or lump forming properties during the course of drying operations. All the RCVD are of the Rotary type, having inclined indirectly heated surface. The rotary action permits gentle folding and mixing of the material thereby enabling it to come in contact with the indirectly heated surfaces resulting in vaporization of the moisture in the wet particles. The vapour is sucked out by vacuum inside the dryer. Operating in a vacuum reduces the boiling point of the solvent. Consequently the evaporation is faster and takes place at a much lower temperature than would be applicable at atmospheric temperature. Vapour from the Dryer passes under vacuum through a Cyclone Separator into a Condenser and is eventually collected in a Receiver. Recovery of the solvent is almost 100 percent.

    Standard Features

    Double wall construction, suitable for use with steam, hot water / hot oil as heating media.
    2. Loading wet cake / slurry is through a cover, with a quick opening device. Discharge opening consists of a vacuum tight valve.
    3. Provision of an internal filter to ensure minimum entrainment of dry product under vacuum. Where required an external in-line Filter or Cyclone is provided to prevent entry of dry powder into the Condenser and Receiver.
    4. A rotary joint is provided at the Dryer end for inlet of heating medium into the Dryer jacket and for a return line for the same.
    5. Design permits complete discharge of the dry product without any residue being retained.
    6. Vapour outlet end is provided with a specially designed external mechanical seal precluding the necessity of providing gland packing in the Dryer body.


    a) If dictated by process conditions, highly polished internal surfaces can be provided.
    b) Variable speeds can be provided, if this is required.
    c) Provision for measurements of product temperature can be provided, if it is required.
    d) Choppers for breaking agglomerates into powder in final stage of Drying can be Provided


    a) RCVD are used for free flowing, temperature sensitive materials.
    b) It is also used for Drying expensive Pharma materials where high degree of purity is required.
    c) Nitrogen blanketing can be provided by way of seals at charging and discgarging points, for drying of highly explosive materials.


    Can be manufactured in all weldable materials, including Carbon Steel, all weldable qualities of SS, Nickel, Hastelloy etc.

    Nominal Volume. Charging Capacity RPM Power H.P. Space Requirement Dia (D)
    A B C
    1000 400 1.5-6 3.0 3650 2000 2000 1300
    1500 600 1.5-6 3.0 3880 2400 2600 1500
    2500 1000 1-4 5.0 4300 2700 2800 1650
    4000 1600 1-4 5.0 4650 3100 3100 2000
    6000 2400 1-3 7.5 5000 3700 3700 2250
    8000 3200 1-2 10.0 5600 4200 4200 2500
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